The Truth of Marriage


Ten years ago, Ling and Ye fell in love with each other at first sight. After two years of entanglement without proposal, Ling made up her mind to leave him.

Ten years later, after a long separation, Ling meets Ye again at her workplace unexpectedly.

But this time, she has another love encounter – Shao, a talented scientist who is determined to marry no one else but her.

An awkward instance for Ling, where old and new love meet, where emotions and hatred re-emerge. How does one rank sex, love and marriage in one’s life?

This is not only a ten-year emotional love story of a woman, but also the epitome of everybody’s life.Through this story, we will explore the nature of love, discover the truth of marriage, and perhaps find the right one.


Genre:Contemporary Romance

Scriptwriter:Zhao Yan

Drama Scenes: