The Red Lady


A Red Army soldier, Wang Xiao-hong, disguises herself as a bride so she can travel to a pharmacy unobstructed and save the injured members of her military base. On her way to retrieve the medicine, she is abducted by a group of bandits.


However, the bandits have mistaken her for another woman, as they were sent by a man named Yu-ping Mei to free his lover from a warlord. Despite the mix-up, Wang Xiao-hong and Yu-ping Mei begin a budding relationship.


Genre: Period / Legend

Executive Producer: Jing Zhi Gang, Chen Rong

Producer: Bian Xiaojun, Zhang Yan

Chief Director: Guo Jing Yu

Scriptwriter: Guo Jing Yu

Main Cast: Wang Luo Dan, Yang Zhi Gang, Liu Wei,

       Shi Ke, Wang Hui Chun, Yang Kun , Ma Chi

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