The Red Lady


“Red Lady” tells the story of the Red Army female soldier Wang Xiao-hong whom disguised herself as a bride so as to get hold of medicine to save the injured members of Gen-Ju Di. Initially,the intent was to go to Yu-ping Mei pharmacy to look for her father who is the supervisor but she was abducted by bandits along the way to Black Dragon Hill. This abduction was a set-up by the elder son of the Mei family save his lover from the warlord commander who forced her to the marriage. However, the bandits picked up the wrong bride. Ma Rong led a troop to attack the bandits and the bandit leader Hei Mu-jiao was shot. Wang Xiao-hong managed to remove the bullet from Hei Mu-jiao without proper medical equipment. To repay Wang Xiao-hong for saving his life, he helped her get to Yu-ping. With her excellent medical skills, she opened a western practice clinic at the Mei family pharmacy and she was praised by the people in Yuping as deity “lady Hong”. She befriended Mei Xian Zu and through various encounters, they fall in love and eventually got married.

Three years later, Mei Xian Zu and Wang Xiao-hong left their children in the care of the family and joined the Red Army.


Genre: Period Legendary Drama

Scriptwriter: Guo Jing Yu

Chief Directors: Guo Jing Yu

Producer: Bian Xiaojun, Zhang Yan

Executive Producer: Jing Zhi Gang, Chen Rong

Main Cast: Wang Luo Dan, Yang Zhi Gang, Liu Wei, Shi Ke, Wang Hui Chun, Yang Kun , Ma Chi

Drama Scenes: