The New Legend of Chor Lau Heung


Chor Lau-Heung, nicknamed “Dao Shuai” (literally “Chief of Bandits/Thieves”) is the protagonist of the drama. He is intelligent, observant, kind and compassionate. He steals from the rich to help the poor, upholding justice through his own legacy.


Chor Lau-Heung is a romantic and a noble ranger. Highly skilled in martial arts, he has superb combat skills and a kind heart. A man of principle, even when he steals, he does it with compelling reasons, hence, he is known as “the Grand Marshal of the Bandits,” and “the Gentleman among the Hooligans”. Chor Lau-Heung possesses the vibes of a gentleman at all times, even when violence is necessary, he does it with grace. He is romantic, polite and gentle with women and his stories are always woven around women.


In The Legend of Phantom Love, Chor Lau-Heung helps a few pairs of star-crossed lovers get together; in The Legend of the Bat, he earns admiration from Hua Zhen Zhen; in The Legend of the Peach Blossom, he is involved in a complicated relationship with Zhang Jie Jie; in The Legend of the New Moon, he gets into a romantic relationship with Princess Jade Sword; and in The Midnight Orchid, the mysterious character, “Mr. Orchid” that he gets entangled with, turns out to be a woman.


The fearless attitude of Chor Lau-Heung in the dangerous circumstances never fails to impress. He writes the legends, and takes away the women…


Genre : Period / Wuxia

Originally by: Gu Long

Chief Producer : Wu Dun

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