The Mother's Life


The way of Heaven does one good but never does one harm.

The way of the Sage is to act but not to compete.

The way of the Mother is to feed, to raise or to give up her life but to ask for nothing in return.

This is the story of a mother and her five children.

Ying Zi is a poor girl, who sells herself into servitude to bury her father and later becomes the sacrificial girl from the Long Family to marry the River God. Due to an attack by the bandits during the ceremony, the Long Family fails to complete the sacrifice to the river. A few years later, renamed Ying Niang, she marries the Long Family’s second master, Xu Zhong.

Ying Niang gives birth to three daughters and a son, but Xu Zhong gets killed by a villain named Shi Shao Qing who harbours a crush on Ying Niang. In a series of ill-fated events, Ying Niang’s son gets stolen by Shi Shao Qing and her three daughters goes missing.

Driven to her wits end, Ying Niang attempts to end her life. On the verge of killing herself, a mystery man gives her a baby boy. Ying Niang adopts the child and names him Wu Er. Together with Wu Er, Ying Niang begins a long journey to search for her missing children.

In the years to come, how will Ying Niang reunite with her children? What heart-wrenching and emotional scenarios will happen next? Watch how Ying Niang, in the troubled times of the feudal lords, creates the legend of motherly love!


Genre : Period Legendary Drama

Scriptwriter / Chief Director : Guo Jing Yu

Main Cast : Yue Li Na, Yu Yi, Zhang Shao Hua, Shi Ke,

Hei Zi, Ni Hong Jie, Wang Hui Chun, Yang Kun

Drama Scenes: