The Little Nyonya


This is the story of three generations of Nyonyas. Tianlan is accepted as a concubine by a rich young master but her inferior status causes her to suffer. Her daughter Juxiang, is a gentle and beautiful girl but a serious illness in infancy leads to her becoming deaf-mute. When she grows up, she marries photographer Yamamoto Yosuke. After they get married, he is forced to return to Japan to become a soldier. In turbulent times, she and her husband are tortured to death, leaving their young daughter Yueniang behind. Yueniang returns to her grandfather’s place and follows grandmother Tianlan to learn cooking and needlework skills. Yueniang grows up to be very beautiful. She and her true love Chenxi are destined to meet but not fated to be together. In the entanglement of the extended family, she is constantly learning and later becomes a successful businesswoman who revives her family business. But she still cannot let go of her true love……


Genre: Women Legends

Producer: Yue Li Na

Executive Producer: Guo Jingyu

Scriptwriter: Ang Eng Tee

Director: Xie Minyang, Huang Guangrong

Chief Producer: Yang Bei, John Ho, Xue Xin

Producer: Guo Shimin, Chan Pui Yin

Drama Scenes: