The Little Nyonya


This is the story of three generations of Peranakan women.


Tianlan is accepted as the second mistress of a rich young master but her inferior status causes her to suffer. Her daughter Juxiang is a gentle and kind girl, despite a serious illness in infancy that leads to her becoming deaf and mute. And finally, Juxiang’s daughter Yueniang, resilient and driven, is determined to carve out her own destiny.


Genre: Women /  Legends

Presenter:Gong Yu / Jing Zhigang /  Yue Lina

Executive Producer: Guo Jingyu

Scriptwriter: Ang Eng Tee

Director: Chia Men Yiang,  / Wong Kuang Yong

Chief Producer: Yang Bei /  John Ho /  Xue Xin

Producer:Guo Shimin / Chan Pui Yin

Cast:Xiao Yan / Zack Kou / Yue Lina /  Dai Xiangyu /  Darren Chiu / Xiang Yun / He Yuhong / Fang Chengcheng / Niu Beiren / Niu Baojun

Number of Episode:48 Episodes

Drama Scenes: