The Legend of The Condor Heroes


During the Song Dynasty, Guo Jing and Yang Kang, whose parents were murdered, were brought up by Seven Freaks of the South and Quan Zhen Sect’s Qiu Chuji respectively.

Eighteen years later, Guo Jing, honest, loyal and righteous, went South following his master’s order. However, Yang Kang, strongly driven by wealth, fame and glory, regarded the powerful enemy as his father.

Guo Jing fell in love with Huang Rong at the first sight, however, due to his previous engagement to Princess Hua Zheng and opposition from his masters, the Seven Freaks of the South, their relationship encountered various setbacks. Guo Jing left Huang Rong in fury after his five masters were brutally killed in Huang Rong’s home, the Peach Blossom Island. The two got together eventually, after many drastic turn of events.

Yang Kang died from poisoning after attempting to kill Huang Rong at a temple. Thereafter, Guo Jing and Huang Rong travelled through the country, learning from top martial artists, upskilling their martial arts techniques and eventually managed to seek revenge for the death of Guo Jing’s parents and masters. With the “Book of Wu Mu”, which taught war techniques, Guo Jing helped his fellow Han Chinese counter the impending Mongol invasion.

The plot followed the couple’s adventures and their encounters with the Five Greats. The originally dull and honest Condor Hero has transformed and become a great man for his country and people.


Genre :Sword Fighting Period Drama

Author :Jin Yong

Producer :Wu Dun

Executive Producer :Guo Jing Yu

Director :Jiang Jia Jun

Main Cast:Yang Xu Wen, Li Yi Tong, Chen Xing Xu, Meng Zi Yi

Drama Scenes: