The Legend of The Condor Heroes


Set during the Song Dynasty in the midst of the Jin-Song Wars, Yang Teixin and Guo Xiaotian are comrades in arms who fight against the Jin invaders. As a pair of close friends, the two pledge that their sons will become sworn brothers. On one fateful day, Guo Xiaotian is slain by his enemies and Yang Teixin goes missing.


In the years that follow, Guo Xiaotian’s son, Guo Jing, is cared for by the skilled fighters, the “Seven Freaks of Jingnan,” who also train him in martial arts. Meanwhile, Yang Teixin’s son Yang Kang is raised by a Jin prince and is mentored by master Qiu Chuji. Both sons embark on their own quests to avenge their fathers; paths that will force them to face each other.


Genre :Period / Wuxia

Author :Jin Yong

Producer :Wu Dun

Executive Producer :Guo Jing Yu

Director :Jiang Jia Jun

Main Cast:Yang Xu Wen, Li Yi Tong, Chen Xing Xu,

        Meng Zi Yi

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