The Legend of Luk Siu Fung


The legendary figure known by his distinctive “Four Eyebrows”, Luk Siu Fung is described as a Casanova. He has fond interest in woman and alcohol and strongly values relationships. He often finds himself in complicated situations, yet never fails to resolve them with his wit. Apart from his extraordinary intelligence, he is also known for his “Lingxi Finger”, which allows him to catch and hold enemies’ weapons between his fingers, that left him unharmed from any weapons.

Lu has a wide variety of friends- Xi Men Chui Xue, Si Kong Zhai Xing, Zhu Ting, Hua Man Lou, Truthful Monk, Ye Gu Cheng and even the emperor of that time. He has many encounters with woman, but only two that he holds close to his heart, Xue Bing and Sha Man.

In search of his birth mystery, he meets with many dangers. He crosses paths with the treacherous minister and courtiers in “Jin Peng Dynasty”, the unfathomable heroes and thieves in “The Extravagant Robbery”, the astonishing conspiracy of “The Beginning and End of the War Era” and “Ghost Villa”, trickeries to win the Rakshasa plaque in “Silver Hook Gambling Den”, and near-death experiences in “Dancing with the Sword Deity” and “Phoenix on the 9th”.


Genre : Sword Fighting Period Crime Drama

Author : Gu Long

Chief Producer : Wu Dun

Production Gallery: