Fire Blue Blade


Jiang Xiao-Yu is a brash young man from a small fishing village. After being drafted by the marines, he ends up at a rigorous training facility called Beast Camp. There, he meets national championship swimmer Lu Yan, sharpshooter Wu Yun, and a man who can catch a crocodile with his bare hands Zhang Chong.


The four different characters form an unlikely bond as they undergo training together at Beast Camp. We follow their exploits as they prepare to save lives, fend off dangerous pirates, and eventually become the next generation of top naval fighters.


Genre: Youth, Inspirational, Contemporary Military

Director: Zhang Guo Qing

Scriptwriter: Feng Ji, Xu Shu

Executive Producer: Zhang Zi Yang

Producer: Zhou Ya Ping, Tang Jing, Lu Cheng Hua

Art Director: Guo Jing Yu

Main Cast: Yang Zhi Gang , Liu Si Yan , Fan Hao Lun , Zheng Kai , He Zi Ming , Wang Qiang

Drama Scenes: