Fire Blue Blade


Jiang Xiao-Yu, Lu Yan, Zhang Chong and Wu Yun were specially recruited into the Marine Corps. This inspirational drama tells a story of these men through years of training, get groomed to become excellent marine soldiers whose belief was to defend their country to their last drop of blood. for the new generation of outstanding naval fighters.

After returning home, Jiang Xiao-Yu formed the Dragon Squadron, whose combat strength expands significantly by the day. They successfully destroyed international pirates on missions against them, standing firmly by the belief to fend for the country. The film highlights the transformation of Jiang Xiao-Yu from a simple fisherman to a nation hero and the excellent performance of the veteran soldiers will definitely touch the audience.


Genre: Youth, Inspirational, Contemporary Military

Director: Zhang Guo Qing

Scriptwriter: Feng Ji, Xu Shu

Executive Producer: Zhang Zi Yang

Producer: Zhou Ya Ping, Tang Jing, Lu Cheng Hua

Art Director: Guo Jing Yu

Main Cast: Yang Zhi Gang , Liu Si Yan , Fan Hao Lun , Zheng Kai , He Zi Ming , Wang Qiang

Drama Scenes: