The Ferryman · Legends of Nanyang


The Ferryman • Legends of Nanyang tells the story of the intrepid duo, Xia Dong Qing and Zhao Li, as they help wandering souls in the mortal world with their unfinished business. Xia Dong Qing, an orphan on the fringes of society, has a secret that has brought endless troubles: his pair of eyes, also known as “Yin-Yang” eyes, that allows him to see and communicate with beings from other worlds.


Xia Dong Qing has just graduated from university and is preparing for his postgraduate entrance examination. Looking for a part time job, he’s eventually hired at the ‘No. 444 convenience store.’ However, Xia Dong Qing has no idea that the store is the nexus between two different realms. In other words, it’s a ‘soul station.’ The manager of the convenience store, Zhao Li, is a civil officer of the underworld; the so-called Ferry Man. Zhao Li has been stationed at No. 444 for 500 years, and guides souls to the underworld frequently. With Xia Dong Qing’s arrival, Zhao Li no longer has to carry the burden alone.


After an accident, the soul of a woman named Olivia arrives at the store. With help from Xia Dong Qing, Olivia’s soul is able to return to her body. Since then, she has become a regular customer of the store and a trusted confidante to Xia Dong Qing. Although an ordinary girl, she decides to join the pair in their adventures to help guide souls to their rightful places.


Genre: Supernatural / Thriller / Drama

Executive Producer: Guo Jingyu

Producer: Yeo Saik Pin

Scriptwriter: Xiao Ji Xiang Tian

Directors: Chia Men Yiang, Guo Shi Min, Yo Chen,

     Fok Chi Kai

Number of Episode:36 Episodes

Production Date:TBC

Production Gallery: