The Ferry Man 3


It was a long time ago. A time when the underworld had yet to exist and the heavenly pillar strung the sky and earth together. The sky was different from what it is today as it floated amongst the clouds. In the later eras, it was recorded as a place called “Kun Lun”.  Humans were God’s creation. God created and owned everything. The goddesses from “Kun Lun” arrived into the human world. An illness started spreading amongst the humans causing them to lose their minds. That illness was love.

The deities and humans fought a war for love. Xia Dong Qing, who could communicate with spirits, met the ferry man Zhao Li and the goddess, Ya at the 444 Convenience Store. A year later, they met again at the beach. Through unpredicted circumstances, Xia Dong Qing became Zhao Li’s partner, and was fated to help him evacuate 81 spirits. Ya broke the goddess’ rule and fell in love with Xia Dong Qing.

As a ferry man, Zhao Li seemed invincible, capable of all tasks. However, his greatest pain was not being able to have a soul of his own. His is not able to experience emotions like Xia Dong Qing. On New Year’s Eve, he met the ancient creature, Nian and Xi. Legend has it that the spirit of the weaver girl had been sealed in the mystical maze that stood in the wilderness. A year later, a girl that went missing for many years, turned up on the beach.


Genre : Mystery, Suspense, Horror

Director : Ju Xing Mao

Scriptwriter / Producer : Xiao Ji Xiang Tian

Main Cast : Yu Yi, Liu Zhi Yang, Xiao Yin

Drama Scenes: