The Ferry Man 2


The Buddhist sutras records of five kinds of vision in this world: the holy view, fairness, insightness, heavenly eye and the naked eye. Do you really believe what you see really do exist? Do you believe that there are spirits present in this world?

Dong Qing believes in it, after he having gone through so much unexplainable experience! A familiar street with no trace of the convenience store. Dong Qing was told by Zhao: ” Hades has demolished the convenience store, but the “Soul Station”, entrance to the netherworld can exist anywhere. ”

Even when Zhao was on sick leave, Dong Qing and Zhao still met souls and liberated them. For Dong Qing, ferrying souls has become a responsibility, a value of existence.

For Zhao, it was a promise made a thousand years ago. At that time, he was called Anonymous and he was the first messenger for King Cha Cha in the netherworld. “Once you complete ferrying hundreds of millions of souls, I’ll give her back to you.” She … is the secret of Zhao for a thousand years.

Yet another secret, Dong Qing.


Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Horror

Director: Man Yi

Scriptwriter: Xiao Ji Xiang Tian

Producer: Guo Jing Yu

Main Cast: Yu Yi, Liu Zhi Yang, Xiao Yin

Drama Scenes: