The Ferry Man 1


At first glance, Dong Qing is utterly unremarkable. A 24-year-old underachiever, he lives paycheck to paycheck, taking odd jobs here and there to pay for his tiny apartment. However, he harbors an extraordinary secret: he can see and communicate with the undead.


One day, Dong Qing gets a job as a night shift clerk at a 24-hour convenience store. There, he meets Zhao Li, the ‘Ferry Man.’ Zhao Li has similar abilities to Dong Qing, and helps spirits cross over from the material world to the afterlife. Together, Dong Qing and Zhao Li must help guide these spirits, as well as handle the consequences of those who refuse to leave earth.


Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Horror

Director: Ju Xing Mao, Guo Shi Min

Scriptwriter: Xiao Ji Xiang Tian

Producer: Guo Jing Yu

Main Cast: Yu Yi, Liu Zhi Yang, Xiao Yin

Drama Scenes: