The Fairy Lady


Chen Xianqi, junior editor of a fashion magazine, accidentally loses the diamonds borrowed by the magazine, but mistakenly thinks they are embezzled by internship lawyer Xiao Jiayou. Chen Xianqi decides to follow Xiao Jiayou, but not only does she not find the diamonds, she ends up losing her job with a huge debt on her shoulders. Just as Chen Xianqi is in her worse state, she accidentally inherits a mysterious bracelet which contains some mysterious power. Xiao Jiayou then accidentally becomes Chen Xianqi’s roommate, sharing with her a two-bedroom apartment and forcing these two loggerheads to start a “cohabitation” life. They then use power of the bracelet to help many people, experiencing many things together, and with their hearts slowly moving closer…


Genre : Classic Remake, Romantic Comedy

Executive Producers : Guo Jingyu

Chief of Script Writer / Chief of Director: Wu Zongde

Scriptwriters : Hong Hai Er Creative Team, Xia Rui, Wei Shenme, He Yuhong

Producer: Li Chunhai

Production Gallery: