The Angry Ladies


In the 1920s, there was a goddess hotel by the bank of Tian Nv Lake in Shanghai. The owner, Jin Donglin, returned from studying overseas and built this hotel for a mysterious woman. Brightly lit, many of the rich and famous gather here, worshipping the eight-armed heavenly girl in the middle of the hall. This hotel is as sacred as Mount Veru in the eyes of the many people.

Three years after Jin Donglin’s marriage, mysterious corpses start to emerge from a pool of white lotus, with body injuries by eight sharp weapons of the eight-armed heavenly girl. This reveals the women around Jin Donglin – hotel managers, singers, cleaners, female stars, writers, widows…as well as his wife, a homely lady, Bai.


Genre : Suspense, Women’s Revenge Story

Scriptwriter/Executive Producer: Xiao Ji Xiang Tian


Drama Scenes: