Brave Heart


Huo Xiaolin had been cradled a child of fortune. He offended the security commander Zhao Jinhu and escaped from Xiyang. Zhao Jinhu makeup bandit kill the whole family Xiao Xiao Lin. Huo Xiao Lin worship martial arts masquerading as fraud, he assassinated Zhao Jinhu with the cooperation of Mei. Huo Xiao Lin and Mei they are in love but cannot escape together, they forced to separate from each other. Huo Xiaolin went to all corners of the country, in Hankou has become a mafia to kill at any time to survive. If the girl appears like a phantom in the dream disappeared, only when Hou Xiao Lin encounter difficulties, he can find the existence of the girl – Mei. After getting acquainted with the communist Han Peiren , Hou Xiaolin finally realized that he had gone astray and decided to leave the Hankou back home with his family. In 1933 Jehol outbreak of war, Huo Xiaolin could not bear to look at the tragedy of China invaded by the iron trotters, the establishment of Jehol volunteer army, world-famous. Han Pei-ren and Mei all came to Jehol and supported the anti-Japanese volunteer army in various forms. The Japanese invaders devoted themselves exclusively from Tokyo to the biological and chemical units and dealt with Huo Xiaolin whom they could never defeat. In order to let the world know the knife was in the face of resistance to the invaders, Huo Xiaolin left his wife and son decided to sacrifice one’s life for one’s country.


Genre: Period Legendary Drama

Scriptwriter: Guo Jing Yu, Zhou Lin, Zhao Zheng

Chief Directors: Guo Jing Yu, Bai Shan

Main Cast: Yang Zhi Gang, Yu Yi, Zhang Shao Hua,

Du Ruo Xi

Drama Scenes: