The Awakening – New Edition


The series will cover the travails of Chinese Singaporeans, who came to Singapore as migrants from China. The story is set in Singapore from the early 20th century till the end of the second world war, through the British colonial and Japanese occupation periods.

In 1920, Singapore was still a British colony. The first generation of migrants arrived from China hoping to seek a new beginning on the island. They rooted locally, worked hard and fought against colonizers and evil forces. When invaded by the Japanese, they defended bravely and participated in the resistance movements, fighting with their blood and lives to defend their homes.

The story begins when Ah Shui, Tian Sheng and Hu De decide to migrate to Singapore from Fujian. During their journey to the island, they encounter heavy storms and almost perish at sea. They work in dark rubber plantations and are attacked by tigers and pythons. Not only do they have to overcome natural disasters, they also have to fend themselves against the ugly side of human nature in order to survive.

Through difficult times, some make it successfully, building their families and homes on the island, while some fail, with their lives ending in a foreign land. Their future generations, would lead a better life, with better education, based on the foundation laid by their ancestors, if not for the brutal war that comes and wipes out everything that was built up…


Genre : A Classic Remake, One Belt One Road Topic

Producer : Yue Li Na

Producer : John Ho, Venessa Lian

Executive Producer : Guo Jing Yu

Scriptwriter : Ang Eng Tee

Drama Scenes: