Two young women, Ouyang Tianqing and Qi Caiyun, board a ship that departs from the Pearl River Delta, and head towards the unfamiliar Nanyang, in search of a better life.


The former is a majie working in a household and the latter, a samsui woman working on a construction site. Awaiting them is a series of challenges — the unforeseen future, indefinite wandering, risk of abduction and deportation, prison disaster, ruthless warfare, betrayal, relationship ordeals, and even matters concerning life and death. However, together, they help up one another; they laugh together, they cry together, and they never give up any chance of survival.


They firmly believe that no matter how strong the storm is, it’ll one day be over and what come after, will be the sunshine and rainbow…


Genre: Women / Legend / Period

Executive Producer: Guo Jingyu

Scriptwriter: Ang Eng Tee

Number of Episode:40 Episodes

Production:Early 2020

Production Gallery: