Perfect Village


This three-part epic drama is based on the mission of the Communist party to usher in a new era of prosperity and eliminate poverty within China.


The story centers around three young Communists: Tang Tianshi, deputy secretary of the town party committee, Xin Lan, a female anchor of the city’s radio and TV news station, and Tian Yongqing, a returning entrepreneurial college student. Though coming from different walks of life, they are united in their desire to help the less fortunate.


Genre: Inspirational / Legendary

Head of Scriptwriting:Guo Jingyu / Yang Yong

Head of Directors:Ju Xingmao / Lai Mukuan

Unit 1 Starring:Yang Zhigang / Zhang Zijian / Wang Kuirong / Jia Hongwei / Qi huan / yangZitong / He Zhengjun

Unit 2 Starring:Yue Lina / Zhao Hengxuan / Yang Kun / Hei Zi / Sun Zhongqiu / Zhao Xiaokun / Ma He / Yu Hongzhou / Wang Yisheng

Unit 3 starring:Liu Zhiyang / He Yuhong / Dai Xiangyu / Xiao Yin / Niu Beiren / Gu Jing / Ju Hao / Ji Chenmu

Broadcast Date:Early 2020

Drama Scenes: