Perfect Village


The drama is divided into three parts and is based on the historical mission of the party and the state in the new era of “Poverty Alleviation And Comprehensive Well-Off”.

It tells the story of three young communists, namely Tang Tianshi, the deputy secretary of the town party committee, Xin Lan, a female anchor of the city’s radio and television news station, and Tian Yongqing, a returning entrepreneurial college

student.  Under different circumstances, they actively respond to the call of the Party Central Committee and took the initiative to carry out poverty alleviation work.


Genre: Inspirational / Legendary

Head of Scriptwriting:Guo Jingyu / Yang Yong

Head of Directors:Ju Xingmao / Lai Mukuan

Unit 1 Starring:Yang Zhigang / Zhang Zijian / Wang Kuirong / Jia Hongwei / Qi huan / yangZitong / He Zhengjun

Unit 2 Starring:Yue Lina / Zhao Hengxuan / Yang Kun / Hei Zi / Sun Zhongqiu / Zhao Xiaokun / Ma He / Yu Hongzhou / Wang Yisheng

Unit 3 starring:Liu Zhiyang / He Yuhong / Dai Xiangyu / Xiao Yin / Niu Beiren / Gu Jing / Ju Hao / Ji Chenmu

Broadcast Date:Early 2020

Drama Scenes: