Make a Wish Miss Xianqi


Chen Xianqi, a junior fashion editor, accidentally lost a diamond borrowed by the magazine company, and mistakenly thinks that Xiao Jiayou, a junior associate, has seized the diamond. Xianqi tries to track him down, but not only did she not find the diamond, she lost her job and is now heavily in debt. Just then, she inherited a mysterious bracelet unexpectedly and discovers some sort of mysterious power hidden within it.


Due to the unexpected turn of events, Xiao Jiayou and Chen Xianqi are now housemates in a 2-bedroom apartment; Jiayou and Xianqi who despise one another, are now forced to live together. The duo uses the bracelet’s special power to help many people. They overcome many obstacles and gradually become closer.


Producer: Li Chunhai

Chief Director: Wu Zongde

Chief Scriptwriters: Wu Zongde, Hong Hai’er Creative

 Team, Xia Rui, Wei Shenme,

 He Yuhong

Main Cast: Emma Wu Ying-chieh (Gui Gui), Liu Zhiyang,

      Chiu Kai-wei, Zhao Xiaosu, Jackie Li

      (Lamu Yangzi), Sing (Peng Gaochang)

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