I Come From Beijing · Helping Brothers


In southwestern Guizhou, Wang Xiaoshi (Liu Zhiyang), a college graduate who brought his beekeeping expertise back to his hometown, and Zheng Jinzhu (Zhao Liang), a village chief who has an abundance of experience in poverty alleviation, team up in the poverty alleviation work as a pair of ‘young and old duo.’ In reality, Wang Xiaoshi was ridiculed by Zheng Jinzhu for the lack of experience.


Wang Xiaoshi reunited with his goddess Zheng Yujuan by chance. Although the apiculture programme in the village is full of obstacles, but to prove himself, Wang Xiaoshi accepts Zheng Jinzhu’s challenge to help three poverty-stricken “nail households” end poverty and get rich.


The lonely and eccentric Granny Rong, the alcoholic Liu Laojiu and the slow-witted Zhou Erhan, each has their own predicament, which make Wang Xiaoshi utterly miserable. At the same time, the apiculture poverty alleviation programme is not doing well; it is full of farce, holding up the poverty alleviation work. However, Wang Xiaoshi is determined to help ameliorate everyone’s predicament, and at the same time, to get the affirmation of his future father-in-law, Zheng Jinzhu, before the Spring Festival arrives…


Genre:Web Film

Presented by:Yue Lina, John Ho, Lian Lee Lee

Executive Producers:Guo Jingyu, Shu Huan

Scriptwriter:Shu Huan

Director:Bai Shan

Principle Cast:Liu Zhiyang, Zhao Liang

Main Cast:Chen Chuang, Wang Ting, Zhang Xi,

         Yu Hongzhou

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