I Come From Beijing · Happy New Year


A joyous New Year’s Comedy that tells the story Jiang Dawei (Yang Zhigang), a former “first secretary,” who helped the remaining five “nail households” get out of poverty in Lao Shao Guo Village, a poverty-stricken village in the northeast China region.


Jiang Dawei braves the snow storm to deliver a poverty alleviation fund, allocated by a particular unit under the Beijing municipal government, to the village. He then visits the remaining five “nail households” for New Year’s dinner to understand the villagers’ plight. Jiang Dawei “cures” the bad habits — stinginess, laziness, greediness and craftiness — of the villagers and make them realize the real reason behind their predicament. The five households realize their strengths and advantages through the science and technology of agriculture, regain confidence in life and eventually eradicate poverty mentally and materially.


Genre:Web Film

Presented by:Yue Lina, John Ho, Lian Lee Lee

Executive Producer:Guo Jingyu

Scriptwriter:Zhang Hongtao

Director:Ju Xingmao

Principle Cast:Yang Zhigang

Main Cast:Xu Chenglin, Man Yi, Zhao Lingqi,

        Gu Jing, Guan Xiaoping, Xu Guangming

Broadcast Date:29 January 2020

Production Gallery: