I Come From Beijing · Braised Goose in Iron Pan


This film is about Liang Tian, a female cadre from Grain Group, who is temporarily assigned as the “first secretary” of northeast Suibin County, a place specializing in the production of geese. Liang Tian tailor-made a poverty alleviation plan with precision — to sell geese in a fanciful way in a Live Sale. Liang Tian also helps the poverty-stricken households such as Er Gui and Uncle Tie to change their mindset and correct the “lazy man” attitude. Despite the jokes, they eventually managed to get out of poverty.


Genre:Web Film

Presented by:Yue Lina, John Ho, Lian Lee Lee,

        Liu Zhiqian, Li Jie

Executive Producer:Guo Jingyu

Scriptwriter:Lin Mengjiao

Director:Ju Xingmao

Principle Cast:Yue Lina

Main Cast:Wang Xiaolong, Wei Qingnian, Gu Jing,

        Shi Tiangeng, Zhao Xiaokun, Wang Rong,

        Ju Hao

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