Handsome Siblings


One is a benevolent prince, the other is a devil incarnate – this is the story of two brothers separated at birth and raised under very different circumstances.


Hua Wu Que was raised by the number one sect of the martial arts world – Yihua Palace. A gentleman and a kind soul, he is adored by many. His biological brother Xiao Yu Er was raised by the “Ten Villains,” the evil beings who groom him to become the greatest villain in history. They’ve been taught their whole lives that they need to defeat each other, but what happens when they finally meet?


Genre: Sword Fighting Period Drama

Originally Written by: Gu Long

Scriptwriter: Shen Yu Chen

Executive Producer: Guo Jing Yu

Chief Producer: Wu Dun

Producer: Wang Bing

Directors: Zou Ji Cheng, Liu Fang

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