During the late Qing Dynasty, when the Reform Movement of 1898 failed, Huo Yuanjia, determined to make a contribution in the historical torrent, united the people and safeguarded the national dignity with the Chinese martial arts spirit.


Genre:Action / Legendary / Martial Arts

Presenter:Gong Yu / Chi Yufeng / Yue Lina

Chief Producer:Li Liying / Xue Xin

Head of Scriptwriting:Guo Jingyu / Wei Fenghua / Li Zhichao / Dong Mingjian

Head of Directors:Bai Shan / Liu Fang

Cast:Zhao Wenzhuo / Mao Linlin / Shi Xiaolong / Hei Zi / Yang Zhigang

Number of Episode:48 Episodes

Broadcast Date:Last Quarter 2019

Drama Scenes: