A biographical drama about the life of famed martial artist Huo Yanjia.


Set during the late Qing Dynasty, China is in turmoil following the failure of the 1898 reform movement. This story charts the events in Huo Yanjia’s life – from his humble beginnings to his days as the founder of a famed martial arts school in Shanghai, to his efforts in fighting for his country. Indeed, Huo wasn’t afraid to go up against foreign fighters for the sake of his country, earning him the status of national hero.


Genre:Martial Arts / Action

Presenter:Gong Yu / Chi Yufeng / Yue Lina

Producers:Li Liying / Xue Xin

Head of Scriptwriting:Guo Jingyu / Wei Fenghua / Li Zhichao / Dong Mingjian

Head of Directors:Bai Shan / Liu Fang

Cast:Zhao Wenzhuo / Mao Linlin / Shi Xiaolong / Hei Zi / Yang Zhigang

Number of Episode:48 Episodes

Broadcast Date:Last Quarter 2019

Drama Scenes: