This drama is set in the end of the Qing dynasty, featuring the legendary story of the martial arts master Huo Yuanjia, where he upholds the spirit of Chinese martial arts to resist foreign forces and defend national dignity when faced with internal and external national crisis.


Genre:Martial Arts / Action

Presented By:Gong Yu, Chi Yufeng, Yue Lina

Producers:Li Liying, Xue Xin

Scriptwriters:Guo Jingyu, Wei Fenghua,

       Li Zhichao, Dong Mingjian

Directors:Bai Shan, Liu Fang

Cast:Zhao Wenzhuo, Mao Linlin, Shi Xiaolong,

     Hei Zi, Yang Zhigang

Number of Episode:48 Episodes

Broadcast Date:Mid 2020

Production Gallery: