Brave Heart 2


The Great War reaches the shores of Shanghai in 1937. This is the story of an ordinary man who takes the fight into his own hands.


Dong Jia Ru, a docile Chinese teacher from Rehe Province, changes after witnessing how his family, students, and friends suffered in the hands of the Japanese. Arming himself with the knowledge of chemistry and learning how to make chemical explosives, Dong Jia Ru vows to execute revenge upon Japanese traitors and protect his homeland and those he loves.


Genre : Period Legendary Drama

Scriptwriter : Guo Jing Yu, Wei Feng Hua

Chief Directors : Guo Jing Yu, Bai Shan

Cast : Yang Zhi Gang, Kou Shi Xun, Ni Hong Jie,

     Darren Chew, Zhang Zi Jian

Number of Episode: 66 Episodes

Production Gallery: