Brave Heart 2


The war hit the shores of Shanghai in 1937. Dong Jia Ru, an originally cowardly Chinese teacher from Rehe Province transformed after witnessing how his family, students and friends suffered in the hands of the Japanese. He mastered the rules of chemistry and created his own explosives. With his exceptional intelligence and courage, he took matters upon his own hands and killed several Japanese traitors. His actions caught the attention of Japanese special agent Muro. Muro challenged Dong several times trying to capture him, but eventually ended in the hands of Dong instead. Dong told Muro, “Against our invaders, the Chinese will always fight with our brave hearts.”


Genre : Period Legendary Drama

Scriptwriter : Guo Jing Yu, Wei Feng Hua

Chief Directors : Guo Jing Yu, Bai Shan

Main Cast : Yang Zhi Gang, Kou Shi Xun,

Ni Hong Jie, Darren Chew, Zhang Zi Jian

Drama Scenes: