Beijing Youth


In the era of the mandated “Poverty Alleviation”, a group of young cadres from Beijing actively responded to the call of the state. They left Beijing and made their way to the various parts of China.

These youth trekked from the boundless Saibei grassland to the snowy Northeast. Their journey even covered the flood-prone Yellow River Precinct as well as the inaccessible southwestern mountainous area of Southwest Guizhou.

During the expedition, the young men have learnt to overcome various challenges as they build their character and tenacity.  The life lessons have indeed humbled the group while the experiences have also allowed them to mature.

Their ability to understand and integrate with the masses have greatly benefited in their future work in strengthening the nation’s efforts in alleviating poverty.


Genre:Youth / Inspirational

Producer:Guo Jingyu

Drama Scenes: