Overseas Sales and Distribution

G.H.Y Culture and Media (Singapore) is responsible for the overseas sales and distribution of G.H.Y Culture and Media (Beijing) and Perfect Jianxin Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd (except Mainland China markets).

Broadcasted television series include Red Lady, Fire Blue Blade, Dog Stick, Brave Heart, Yangko Dance, The Legend of Jasmine, and The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017 version). Online web series include all 3 seasons of The Ferryman, the movie The Ferryman: Manjusaka, Mother’s Life, Perfect Youth, and Handsome Siblings (2020 version).

Upcoming film and television productions include Brave Heart 2, remake of The Little Nyonya, Fearless, Dance of the Sky Empire, The Fair LadyBeautiful Heroes, Sisterhood, Horror Stories of Tang Dynasty, Nanyang Immigrants’ Tears, The New Legend of Chor Lau-Heung and many more.