TV Series “Perfect Youth”《最美的青春》
won “五个一工程” Recognition Award

“Perfect Village”《最美的乡村》 Lensing Ceremony

“The Fair Lady” 《家有仙妻》Lensing Ceremony

The Wrap Party of "The Little Nyonya" 《小娘惹》

The Highlights of "The Little Nyonya" 《小娘惹》

G.H.Y Culture & Media Night

ATF Singapore 2018 (Asia TV Forum & Market)

ATF CHINESE PITCH 2018 "ATF中文剧本创投2018“

“The Little Nyonya” 《小娘惹》Lensing Ceremony

Little Nyonya Singapore Audition

Jay Chou “The Invincible 2" Concert Tour 2018

The Legend of The Condor Heroes

Dog Stick

Red Lady

Yangko Dance

The Ferry Man 2