Jay Chou Carnival World Tour - Singapore (10 & 11 Jan 2020)

Ronghao Li "If I were Young" World Tour - Singapore (19 Oct 2019)

Jay Chou “The Invincible 2" World Tour 2018



"Dance of the Sky Empire"

"The Little Nyonya"

"The Little Nyonya" Behind the Scenes

“The Little Nyonya” Lensing Ceremony

"The Little Nyonya" Singapore Audition

"Brave Heart 2"

"Perfect Village"

"I Come From Beijing" Series

"Handsome Siblings"

TV Series “Perfect Youth" Won the
“Best Works Award” Recognition Award

“Perfect Village” Lensing Ceremony

“The Fairy Lady” Lensing Ceremony

"Mother's Life"

"The Ferryman · Manjusaka"

"Angels Wear White"

"The Legend of The Condor Heroes"

"The Ferryman 3"

"The Ferryman 2"

"Yangko Dance"

"Brave Heart"

"The Ferryman"

"Dog Stick"

"Fire Blue Blade"

"Red Lady"

"Iron Pear"

"Rush Year 1937"


G.H.Y Culture & Media Night (2019)

Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) 2019

ATF Chinese Pitch 2019

G.H.Y Culture & Media Night (2018)

Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) 2018

ATF Chinese Pitch 2018

Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) 2017