Established in 2017, G.H.Y Culture & Media is a professional, innovative and influential content provider in the Chinese film and television industry. The company launched its film and television production and distribution business in Singapore, China and Malaysia. It was co-founded by Mr. Guo Jingyu, a notable screenwriter, director, and producer in China, Mr. John Ho a notable film and television producer and investor in Singapore, and Mr. Yang Junrong, a well-known music composer and producer in the Chinese music industry. The core focus of the company is on film and television drama production and distribution, concerts and performances. In addition, the company also engages in artist management, overseas distribution, ‘To C’ (to consumer) online movies, short videos, post-production, and overseas partnerships, providing a diversified industrial structure.


G.H.Y Culture & Media’s values have always been about the “initial objective, innovation, and ingenuity.” It strives to do every form of content well, explore new fields of innovation consistently, and provide top-quality content and services for all viewers. ​